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Hi, I’m Christy
mom :: wife :: entrepreneur :: coach

I wanted to quit everything.

I just couldn't keep up with it all, and I felt like I was failing as a business owner. Worse, I felt like I was failing as a mother.

I remember thinking that maybe it would be better to give up my business and just go get a job. (ugh!)

But I'm not the quitting type.

So I got to work. This time on me.

I uncovered and let go of the beliefs that were keeping me stuck in overwhelm and overwork.

I learned how to leverage self care (real self care), so I could be more patient with my kids and more productive in my business.

I let go of anything and everything that didn't serve my priorities and my goals, and I developed new systems and habits that pave the roadmap toward the beautiful vision I have for my life.

Now does that mean every day is perfectly balanced and harmonious bliss? Of course not!

Motherhood and entrepreneurship pretty much guarantee that curveballs come my way!

But now I know how to get back on track quickly so I can sustain the progress I've made and the momentum I've built.

I see so many women facing the same struggles I did, so I built the program I wish I had, complete with support and accountability and a community of other entrepreneur moms who get it.

Take care of you, then take care of business.

Build a foundation that integrates all the moving parts of life and business
and finally achieve peace, balance, and freedom.